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Newsletter: Happy MonDEV

Good morning, and happy MonDEV!☕️

Are you ready for a new week?

Today, I have a question for you: How do you approach learning a new language or framework? Do you have a particular process you rely on?

Lately, I've found myself needing or wanting to experiment with new tools, technologies, or languages quite frequently. To make the learning process smoother, I've found it very useful to try rewriting a project I've previously developed (or a part of it) in the new language.

This approach allows us to tackle the mechanics of a new language or framework with tasks we are already familiar with and problems we have already solved. I've found this method useful because it lets me compare how efficiently different languages or frameworks allow you to achieve the same goal. If the project I use for this process involves many API calls, file read/write operations, or heavy array processing, I'll get to understand how to handle these processes with the new tool in hand, focusing on studying and practical application rather than the problem-solving aspect.

Of course, almost anything can be done in any language, but it's also true that some are more suited for certain tasks than others. This way, I also get an initial overview of how the new language/framework I'm studying can help me solve specific types of problems. What do you think? Have you ever tried this method or other unique systems for learning a new language? Let me know in the comments below this post if you'd like!

Evolving Newsletter

More than once, I've contemplated how to foster discussion with the newsletter. Clearly, it's not the best medium to achieve this goal (we were just talking about more or less suitable tools for work, right?). I'm also seeking ways to improve it alongside my content, so over the next few weeks, I'll experiment a bit, while still keeping MonDEV's concise format! Starting now, the newsletter will also be available on my Dev.To profile, allowing for comments, discussions, and feedback. Slowly but surely, it will be enhanced. 🚀

Speaking of Open Source

If you'd like to contribute to a rapidly growing Node.js tool based on open source, I suggest checking out Fastify today. It's a fast, simple, and lightweight server framework, an alternative to the classic Express. Developed and maintained by various core members and contributors to Node, it's an excellent starting point for open source contributions of all kinds. They host a page on their site with a selection of good-first-issues, great for getting started. You can find them directly here!

As always, I hope you found some interesting insights to kickstart your week. Feel free to leave feedback on today's post, and have a productive week ahead!

Happy coding 0_1 🚀

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