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Readme and surroundings

Good morning everyone and happy MonDEV! ☕

It seems we're already at the first newsletter of February, I almost didn't notice (probably due to postponing taking down the Christmas tree until last week or so 😂).
How many of you enjoy writing? Or rather, how many of you are happy to write markdown files to document your work? How much time does it take you to format a well-written Readme for your projects? Personally, I enjoy it a lot and always like to put together thoughtful documentation for my projects, or even just a simple welcome summary page, when it comes to coding experiments; however, I understand that not everyone enjoys it the same way.
On an afternoon when I was pondering this question and thinking that it would have been interesting to develop a tool to assist in writing Readme files for those who don't feel like it, I discovered that someone else had already thought of it and had released it on the web: A simple drag 'n drop editor that allows you to quickly assemble your Readme, letting you scroll, choose, and rearrange the various sections, and also giving you an idea of content for each one, so you have a starting point and the formatting already ready for your markdown. With a fairly wide selection of sections, you can also get inspiration on how to enrich your Readme file, allowing those who find your projects to get all the information they need.

But since one tool alone in this case is not enough, get ready to meet, the equivalent of but for creating the markdown of your Github profile and enriching it with all the useful information to showcase your skills and developer contacts. Through a quick and intuitive setup, you can have a richly formatted Github profile in just a few minutes. Obviously, it's more of a starting point than an endpoint, it's always good to add your personal touch ;) But this brief wizard puts you in a position to have a very solid foundation! And if you want to get some inspiration on what you can do if you push Github profiles a little beyond their basic possibilities, on Awesome github profile you can find all kinds of them, along with all the various tools that have been used to create them, so you can get inspiration and enrich yours too (but without overdoing it, I wouldn't want to find myself navigating through a sea of profiles that implement Connect 4 through markdown and github actions - if you're curious, you can see here 😂)

I know, this week it's more about three little treats than a real tool, but I hope they can entertain you and be useful anyway, next time you're facing the creation of a Readme file or similar :) To my defense, I'm preparing much more interesting tools and content for the coming weeks, so for this one I leave you with this slightly lighter than usual "Monday coffee" with the promise that it will be worth it ;) As always, I just want to wish you a good week! Happy Coding! 0_1

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