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Code Snippets as Google Results

Good morning, everyone, and happy MonDEV! ☕

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After the past two weeks, with more elaborate tools and loaded with examples, today I wanted to propose something lighter and, above all, instead of adding more material to our already full list of things to study, something that could help us with searching and solving problems that accompany us daily with code!

If you're wondering, no, I won't comment on some AI tool, which recently seems to be the only way lots of people want to solve their problems, be they code-related or not

Instead, I want to tell you about a browser extension that specifically improves Google search results for developers. Do I have your attention now? ;)

How many times, when we have some problems with code, do we Google the question, and then, to find the correct answer, we open the first 4/5 results to find the solution that we need for our current problem? Sometimes, it can even be a simple syntax that we need to recall.

Sometimes, this can be a very quick process; other times, it requires us to thoroughly search the page to find the solution that suits our needs.

This is where Grepper comes in, today's tool!

Using Grepper is a bit like having StackOverflow included in Google: in fact, when we perform a code-related search before the list of results begins, a code block is displayed with what is generally the answer to our problem! How does it work? The system is powered by all the developers who use it! When you perform a Google search and open pages to find a result, you can add the code block that answers your question directly to Grepper so that the next time you perform a similar search, you can see the relevant code snippet before even opening any other page. In addition, the code blocks you share will be visible to all other users as well, making life (or searches) easier for them too. Through a system of up and down votes, similar to that of forums and Stack Overflow, it ensures that only the best results are displayed!

I've been using this tool for a while now, and it has never let me down, making my search flow much faster! Have you ever tried it?

Speaking about Open Source

Last week, I released a new Open Source tool. I've been working on it for a while, so I care a lot about it (and that's why I hesitated a bit to talk about it).

The project in question is called ServerMan: it's a tool that allows you, from the CLI, to manage your projects scattered across various different providers! Currently, it supports DigitalOcean, Vercel, and Netlify, allowing you to deploy a GitHub repo to any of these platforms directly! On DigitalOcean, you also have the option to directly create your server, configuring the machine as you prefer, after which ServerMan will take care of all the basic environment and web server configuration.

It's definitely still very improbable, and that's where you come into play, as you can help me both by trying it out and sending me feedback or opening issues and by contributing directly to the code.

So, if you like, stop by the repo and take a look, or install it with npm i -g ghostylab/serverman@latest and give me feedback to help me improve it!

As every week, I hope I've suggested some useful tools and offered some interesting insights!

Enjoy your Monday, everyone!

Happy Coding 0_1

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