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Open Source Friday with Supabase

Michelle Mannering
Developer Relations | Hackathon Queen | Community Manager
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This week on the GitHub Twitch Channel, we spoke to Paul Copplestone. He's the CEO and founder of Supabase. Supabase is an Open Source alternative to Firebase. Paul walked us through the ins and outs of Supabase and shared his top tips for developers and startups.

Getting involved

Supabase is compromised of a few key languages. Javascript is the main one with a bunch of libraries from Go, Rust, and using the PostGRES database. Oh and there's Elixir as well. If you're keen to learn any of these languages, and want to get involved in Open Source, Supabase is a great place to start. Paul says he and his team will help you along the way.

Getting involved in Open Source shouldn't be a hard step. It's about taking that first step. Find something you're passionate about and go for it. It's also the perfect time to start as Hacktoberfest is just around the corner. Paul and his team have something special planned for Hacktoberfest.

Hacktoberfest with Supabase

Hacktoberfest is a great time to get into Open Source. You'll be rewarded for completing four or more pull requests on any Open Source Project. As Supabase has only been around since January this year, Paul is keen to get people involved. So they've made it super easy to get started.

Simply head over to the Supabase Project Board and you'll see everything beautifully laid out. As you'll see in our interview, you can filter and search according to your skills or desires. Easily find documentation to work on, logos to design, or features to code.

GitHub logo supabase / supabase

Website, docs, and client libraries. Follow to stay updated about our public Beta.


Supabase adds realtime and RESTful APIs to your existing PostgreSQL database without a single line of code.


  • Alpha: We are testing Supabase with a closed set of customers
  • Public Alpha: Anyone can sign up over at But go easy on us, there are a few kinks.
  • Public Beta: Stable enough for most non-enterprise use-cases
  • Public: Production-ready

We are currently in Public Alpha. Watch "releases" of this repo to get notified of major updates.

Watch this repo

How it works

Supabase is a combination of open source tools. We’re building the features of Firebase using enterprise-grade, open source products. If the tools and communities exist, with an MIT, Apache 2, or equivelant open license, we will use and support that tool. If the tool doesn't exist, we build and open source it ourselves. Supabase is not a 1-to-1 mapping of Firebase. Our aim is to give developers a Firebase-like developer…

There's a lot more to this interview, including Discussions, top tips, and more. So make sure you head over to the GitHub Twitch Channel to watch the full interview. We'll also share it on YouTube Channel very soon.

Join us live next time

If you missed out on this awesome discussion, don't worry. We have Open Source Friday almost every week. You can also join our Virtual Meetup Group to stay in the loop. There we'll be sharing information on our next Open Source Friday stream.

In the meantime, happy coding, and good luck with all your Hacktoberfest contributions.

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