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Vue Stripe Checkout; sometimes you need to learn something because you need to

Michelle Mannering
Developer Relations | Hackathon Queen | Community Manager
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Vue Stripe Checkout is a Vue plugin for easy checkout with Stripe on your web apps. Jofferson Tiquez has been building and maintaining this plugin for many years. We wanted to understand more about the plugin and how to get started with open source. So we asked Joff to jump on our Open Source Friday live stream. Here's a few highlights plus a link to the full recording.

Starting Vue Stripe Checkout

Joff isn't just a maintainer, he also works in startups. He started Vue Stripe Checkout because he found a need to use it himself. Lots of other people and companies soon jumped on board. This is often how many projects start - someone has a need, and very soon they discover lots of others have that same need.


When it comes to Stripe, Joff says creating plugins is easy. He said they have a really well documented SDK. Whilst Joff originally started with Angular, he moved to Vue because he needed to. He didn't necessarily "want" to do learn Vue, but rather needed to. Often that's one of the best ways to learn; you simply learn it because you need it!

Next for Vue Stripe Checkout

Joff says he has lots of plans for Vue Stripe Checkout. Vue Stripe Checkout is currently in Version 3. Next, there's new documentation coming so keep an eye out for that. He also said Vue Stripe Checkout is moving to it's own repository. You'll be able to find Vue Stripe Checkout and more Stripe Vue plugins once they get off the ground.

Contribute back to Open Source

When Joff isn't working or writing code for his own projects, he's contributing to others. You'll often find him contributing back to other Vue or JavaScript projects. You can even see some of his contributions in Flutter. Not only are maintainers like Joff out there keeping their own projects up to date, they're helping others too. This is one of the things I love about open source.

Everyone is helping everyone else and contributing to a better software community. Joff encourages developers to dive into open source and is welcoming any newbies into the Vue Stripe Checkout project. Furthermore, Joff says it's not just about coding and he values contributions for documentation too.

Open Source Friday

If you missed our chat you can watch the full recording below.

Don't forget to follow our official GitHub Twitch Channel and register with our Virtual Meetup Group to find out when the next live stream is scheduled. We're looking forward to bringing you more awesome chats with maintainers like Joff.

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