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Gamedev.js Open Source Challenge Winners 🏆

The Gamedev.js 2024 game jam just wrapped up, where participants had 13 days to build HTML5 games based on the theme POWER

This year we sponsored the "Open Source Challenge" - encouraging participants to share the source code (with a license of their choosing).

Here are the top five entries as voted on by all of the participants - ranging from strategic mazes and competitive puck battles to power management in outer space. Enjoy!

Mech Motion 🥇

by @Chocobois

Screenshot showing Mech Motion in action

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Mech Motion powers up your strategic circuits, tasking you to maneuver a robotic helper through mazes using cleverly coded movement cards. Get charged up to collect all the energy cells before your bot runs out of juice in this electrifying puzzle challenge!

Puckit! 🥈

by @johnedvard

Screenshot showing Puckit in action

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Charge into Puckit! where you power up your puck to strategically knock pint-sized pawns into pits. Harness your finger finesse or masterful mouse moves to score, shock, and showcase your prowess in this dynamic duel—just don’t fall into your own trap!

Gleep Gym 🥉

By @MiamoAlex, @Rusalka, @mo_01, @sukai909

Screenshot showing Gleep Gym in action

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Jump into Gleep Gym, where you'll flex your power levels against quirky gym members in a flash of nostalgic, Warioware-esque mini-games. Are you buff enough to conquer their challenges, or will you need a power shake-up in this electrifying, seizure-aware sprint to the stars?


by @BethFromAbove, @jonathan-rose, @Kimbsy

Screenshot showing IONCLAD in action

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Blast into IONCLAD where survival hinges on your quick reflexes and power management prowess. Navigate your cannon, obliterate enemy ships, rescue allies, and unleash mega-bombs—just try not to blackout in this high-voltage cosmic showdown!

PowerLess Hotel 🏅

By @iplnkr

Animation showing Powerless hotel in action

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In PowerLess Hotel, stealthily navigate a haunted hotel to restore power, armed only with a torch and the peculiar ability to summon room service for spectral disturbances. Will you light up the rooms or succumb to the shadows? Prepare to adjust brightness and tip your way through this eerie, electrifying escapade!

In addition to bragging rights, the creators above games won themselves free GitHub Copilot for a year and $60 to spend in the GitHub Shop.

Massive congratulations to everyone who participated, rated, and reviewed all those games. And shout out to @end3r for another incredible game jam! 🤘🏻

Pst! One last thing: there's another big game jam happening in November. This one lasts an entire month, and you can use any programming language, game engine, open source libraries, or AI tool that you like.

Join now and be amongst the first to know the secret theme.

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Andrzej Mazur

Thanks for writing this summary @leereilly - much appreciated!

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TECNO Security

Very interesting creation!