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Just do it! Don't wait to contribute to open source

mishmanners profile image Michelle Mannering Updated on ・1 min read

Have you ever thought about getting into open source? Have you thought about contributing to a project? Many developers shy away from working on open source because they're not sure where to start, or how. But Nick Young from Project Contour says don't worry about that. He says just jump in and do it.

As mentioned in one of our previous posts, we had the pleasure of having Nick Young on our Open Source Friday live stream. Nick talked us through contributing to a project and how to get started.

But more importantly, he says it's about the mindset. The "can do" attitude. Just jump in and give it a go. As he says in the clip above, any one of the Contour maintainers could easily fix most of the good-first-issues. But that's not the point. Good-first-issues are there for new contributors to find and work on. Check out all the Project Contour good-first-issues to get started.

So what are you waiting for? Time to contribute today! If you want to see the full interview, check out the GitHub YouTube channel. To join us for these live streams and ask questions, follow us on Twitch and enable notifications. We wish you luck on your open source journey.


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Can you post a direct link to the full video when it is pushed up to youtube please?

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mishmanners profile image
mishmanners profile image
Michelle Mannering Author

Just waiting for the videos to be uploaded and I will post here.