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Writing a Hacking Simulator in JavaScript

What is this?

More of Us is a hacking simulator game I started working on last year. I don't like the idea of abandoning this project and I want to finish it.

Why work on this?

I am interested in games with deep simulation, such as Dwarf Fortress, although I don't claim that this game will be as deep as Dwarf Fortress. I am more inspired by Zachtronics games than by Dwarf Fortress,  although I have read papers and interviews by the creator of Dwarf Fortress.

Hasn't this been done before?

I like Zachtronics games but I feel that the experience of coding within Zachtronics games could be improved. I would like to combine the open ended problem solving of Zachtronics games with the free wheeling exploration of casual creators.

Part of what defines casual creators is character customization. Today, I spent a few hours adding pronoun and name customization to my game. This is actually the first code I have written that I didn't immediately delete afterward.

I was inspired to add a command palette to my game by this user interface designer.

I still need to improve the user interface for this game (as well as the logic for data binding), but I am ending my work for today. I am surprised by how much time it takes me to perform even simple tasks - like writing forms - in JavaScript. I consistently underestimate the difficulty of game development. 

I enjoy making visual programming and procedural generation tools. Video games about programming give me an excuse to use those tools. I am excited to continue working on this game and eventually finish.

Have you ever played a Zachtronics game? How do you feel about programming games?

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Matej Leško

Is it possible to open it as web based game? It is not safe to open unverified files on any device. It is IMO going against the idea of learning from the hacking game, where such attacks are expected :D

I do not suggest you are doing such a thing, but web based app would be more transparent and without 'eh, should i run it' thinking

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My first foray with Hacking Game Simulation was 'Uplink' its classic. Good job working on your game cheers!