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Emilien Leroy
Emilien Leroy

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Escape the Wave, Week Two Development Update

It's the second week of development for the game "Escape the Wave" and this week was focused on creating the base mob for the game. The goal of the game is to escape the waves of enemies that come at you, and this week was dedicated to creating the foundation for these enemies.

Creating the Base Mob

The first step in creating the base mob was to create a simple red square with some health. This square will serve as the foundation for all future mobs in the game. When a bullet from the player hits the mob, it will lose some health, and when its health reaches zero, it will be removed from the game. This basic mechanic sets the foundation for creating more complex and challenging enemies in the future.


Adding the Pathfinding System

The next step was to work on the pathfinding system for the mobs. This system allows the mobs to follow the player, making the game more challenging and engaging. Currently, an old method is used to find the path to the player, which works with a tileset. However, in a future version, this pathfinding system will be improved using the new navigation system in Godot. This will make the pathfinding more sophisticated and accurate, providing a better gaming experience for the player.


Adding the Player Score System

Finally, the player score system was added to the game. Now, when an enemy is killed, the player will earn points towards their score. This score system is simple for now, but it will be improved in the coming weeks to make the game even more engaging and rewarding.


In conclusion, this week was a productive one for the development of Escape the Wave. The base mob was created, the pathfinding system was improved, and the player score system was added, providing a solid foundation for creating more challenging enemies and a more engaging gaming experience.

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