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Django News - Issue 2


Django security releases issued: 3.0.1, 2.2.9, and 1.11.27

This is an especially important security release that should be implemented ASAP. It fixes potential account hijacking via the password reset form.

2020 Django Software Foundation Board Election Results

The DSF Board handles legal/financial matters for Django. This year there are 7 members.

2019 Malcolm Tredinnick Memorial Prize awarded to Jeff Triplett

The Board of the Django Software Foundation is pleased to announce that the 2019 Malcolm Tredinnick Memorial Prize has been awarded to Jeff Triplett (@webology).


How Django Works Behind the Scenes

This article discusses how Django is structured: the non-profit "in charge" of it legally/financially and the core team of volunteer developers who manage the codebase.


Is Pipenv dead?

Pipenv is a popular Python packaging manager but dormant as of late...see also this great PyCon UK talk from Aaron Bassett on Python packaging in general for further context.

Looking for a pipenv alternative? Announcing Poetry 1.0.0

Poetry manages Python environments, packaging, and dependency management.


Announcing DjangoCongress 2020

DjangoCongress 2020 is happening in June 2020 in Nagano City, Japan.

Ewa Jodlowska on Twitter: "There are less than 200 early bird tickets remaining for #pycon2020. If you plan on attending, why not get discounted tickets!? After we sell out, prices will go up to $125 for students, $400 for hobbyists, and $700 for corporate tickets."

Last call on PyCon 2020 early bird tickets.

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