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Jeff Triplett (he/him) for Django News

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Django News #31 - Django 3.1 Preview


Python Release 3.9.0b4

The fourth of five planned beta release previews with major new 3.9 features.


Django London Virtual Meetup on July 14th

Looking for a virtual meetup to attend next week? Join Django London on July 14th featuring a talk by Django co-creator Simon Willison.

What's coming next in Wagtail? on July 15th

This webinar is for anyone managing a Wagtail site, using Wagtail as an editor, developing Wagtail sites or evaluating Wagtail for a future project.

San Francisco Django Virtual Meetup on July 23rd

We brought together over 160 people in our last nationwide virtual Django meetup. We're looking to go even bigger this time. Just because DjangoCon 2020 is canceled doesn't mean the show can't go on.


What's New in Django 3.1?

Coming in early August, async views/middleware/tests, cross-db JSONFields, updated admin, and more.

PyDev of the Week: Philip James

Philip James (@phildini) has spoken at various PyCons and DjangoCons and is the PyDev of the Week!

Refining exceptions with Context Decorators

An elegant way to add more descriptive exceptions via context decorators.

Arrange-Act-Assert: A Pattern for Writing Good Tests

A handy way to reason about tests in a Django app.

Django Testing Toolbox

An opinionated look at must-haves for Django testing, including pytest-django, factory_boy, and more.


How to Prototype a Web App with Django and Vue.js

Step-by-step through a basic Django/Vue full-stack app.

Asynchronous Task Queue with Django, Celery and AWS SQS

Configure async task queues with Django, Celery, Docker, and AWS SQS. Comes with a codebase on GitHub.

Get Started With Django Part 2: Django User Management

A look at how to work with Django user management and add it to your program.

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Speed Up Your Django Tests

Are you bored of waiting for " test" to finish? Read this book while you wait! It has many tips and tricks that apply to all projects, big and small, and it covers both Django's test framework and pytest.


Multiple User Types

Daniel Feldroy, co-author of Two Scoops of Django, on how to implement multiple user types in Django.


Django Chat #71 - Aymeric Augustin

Aymeric is a longtime Django contributor and member of the Django Technical Board. We discuss his background with Django, contributions to the codebase and docs, multiple open-source projects, and more.



Backport of the cross-DB JSONField from Django 3.1.


Smart reversion of Django migrations based on Git diff.


Beautifully simple class-based views.


A generic Django application to attach Files (Attachments) to any model.


Easy user timezone detection for Django


Primitives for configuring Postgres triggers on Django models.

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