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This Week's Undiscovered (8/25/23)

Welcome back to This Week's Undiscovered, a curated selection of amazing posts published within the last week that are just waiting to be discovered.

The goal is to shed light on hidden gems within DEV's community that haven't yet received the attention they may deserve 🌱

Hope you enjoy it!

Let's explore practical tips and strategies that will help you stay motivated (and dedicated), embrace change, and achieve long-term success in your career with @eleftheriabatsou.

Did you know that null and undefined are not supposed to be interchangeable? Even if they rarely cause issues in production, @sduduzog is here to save you from those rare complications.

Imagine being able to use variables, nesting, mixins, and more, all within your stylesheets. Let's dive into the enchanting world of Sass, a CSS preprocessor that extends the capabilities of regular CSS, with @thekawsarhossain.

In some programming languages or runtime environments, websockets are a real challenge. People often take advantage of community-created solutions or use services to deal with this challenge, but @franciscomendes10866 shows how with Deno, it's refreshingly easy.

In majority of cases, bad performance is caused by not serving images optimized for the modern web. Here are some optimization tips for image formatting from @jacobandrewsky.

Go shines as a standout contender when it comes to handling concurrency. Let's dive into the world of concurrency in Go with @hazarnenni!

Let us know if we missed anything; share your predictions for the next top talent in the comments!

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Jakub Andrzejewski

Thanks for mentioning my article 💚

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Hazar nenni

Hope it will help anyone trying to learn Go ❤️