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This Week's Undiscovered (8/17/23)

Welcome back to This Week's Undiscovered, a curated selection of amazing posts published within the last week that are just waiting to be discovered.

The goal is to shed light on hidden gems within DEV's community that haven't yet received the attention they may deserve 🌱

Hope you enjoy it!

In this post, @dwayne teaches you about useful chompers, not defined in elm/parser, that can help you in the lexical analysis stage of your parser.

Closures in JavaScript must be one of the most terrifying features of the language, but @adevnadia breaks it down for you in this post. Read on or watch in video format!

Here are some insights from a project that @baduit was working on as a way to learn Rust. It might give you a better look into the differences between C++ and Rust and how to port your project from one to the other.

CSS nesting used to only be possible in preprocessors like Sass and Less, but now it's built-in to native CSS and all modern browsers should support it after August 29th! Let's find out more about it with @creatures-dev.

Here's @094459's first impressions of airflowctl, a command-line tool for managing Apache Airflow™ projects, making it super easy to get up and running.

Anytime you're trying to get your data across, ensuring it's accessible will help your audience get the most out of it. Check out @eevajonnapanula's series to help you to build more accessible graphs with Jetpack Compose.

Let us know if we missed anything; share your predictions for the next top talent in the comments!

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