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This Week's Undiscovered (8/10/23)

Introducing This Week's Undiscovered, a curated selection of amazing posts published within the last week that are just waiting to be discovered.

The goal is to shed light on hidden gems within DEV's community that haven't yet received the attention they may deserve 🌱

Hope you enjoy it!

The title says it all! And @spences10 is here to say that making your own blog is absolutely worth doing. This article from @stealthmusic is not about not writing code, it's about deleting code… OK, maybe not all of it. There's a lot that happens behind the scenes when managing an Open Source project that many people don't ever see. Here are two of @grim’s experiences that really showcases how stressful the life of a maintainer can be. @adam_cyclones poses a really important question! Start-ups or established companies: which is best for someone new to the role but ready to hit the ground running to get started in? DRY can be useful in software development, but keep using a hammer and everything will start to look like a nail. Try to keep it RYL with these tips from @raddevon. If you can't find the action you need, @balastrong will show you how to create your own and publish it to the GitHub Actions Marketplace!

Let us know if we missed anything; share your predictions for the next top talent in the comments!

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Bobby Iliev

Great initiative! πŸ‘

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sahra πŸ’«

Yess, I love this new series.