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This Week's Undiscovered (7/27/23)

Introducing This Week's Undiscovered, a curated selection of amazing posts published within the last week that are just waiting to be discovered.

The goal is to shed light on hidden gems within DEV's community that haven't yet received the attention they may deserve 🌱

Hope you enjoy it!

Security News Weekly Round-Up

@ziizium highlights some really important bits of security news that you might not have been aware of!

Master Your RAM ⚡ To Increase the Life of Your Hardware

It can be tough to get good performance from old or faulty hardware. If you’re forced to make the most of what you have, try these Linux tips from @aminnairi.

I Built a Silly Cloudflare Worker Web Service That Helps You Do Math

@krofdrakula set out to learn something new and mash up two things they've been playing around with — language parsing and serverless functions. The result?

Safe Route Param Injection in Angular With a Decorator

Let’s work with @bwca and delve into a powerful technique that leverages TypeScript's type-checking capabilities and a custom decorator to enhance the safety of extracting route parameters in Angular.

Simple Bash Loading Animation

No shenanigans here, just a simple loading animation tutorial from @pencillr!

What Is Platform Engineering (And What Is It Not?)

In this post from @thenjdevopsguy, you’ll learn all about what Platform Engineering is and the critical differences between Platform Engineering and other popular titles.

Let us know if we missed anything; share your predictions for the next top talent in the comments!

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Brian Bethencourt

Shoutout to the authors! @ziizium, @aminnairi, @krofdrakula, @bwca, @pencillr, and @thenjdevopsguy.

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Hi Brian, thank you for sharing my article, it means a lot ❤️