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Soft Skills Can Be Hard — with Liana Felt and Kristen Palana

I can't believe that the season 4 finale of DevDiscuss is already here!

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In this week's show (a crossover with our sister podcast, the CodeNewbie Podcast ) I joined forces with @saronyitbarek, Founder of CodeNewbie and Disco, to tackle a topic that frequently doesn't get enough attention in the realm of software development: soft skills. We role-play scenarios that involve a lot of sensitivity, empathy, and clear communication — all qualities that are invaluable in any field, including this one.

In S4E8, we were joined by two awesome guests...

  • Liana Felt, People Operations Manager here at Forem (and my wife!)
  • Kristen Palana, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Malawi - Animation and Digital Media Specialist

After you listen to the episode, be sure to head to this thread on CodeNewbie Community Forem to ask Kristen anything about their career, experience handling situations with tact, and soft skills in general.

Thanks for listening to this past season of DevDiscuss. We're already cooking up some awesome stuff for season five. I can't wait to share it with you.

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  • Our season four sponsors: DataStax, New Relic, Educative, and Ambassador Labs!


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