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S4:E8 - We Role Play What Good Soft Skills Look Like

We do a crossover episode with DevDiscuss and CodeNewbie talking about, and role playing different soft skills, because this topic of soft skills is so important that we thought both of our audiences could benefit from it. To talk about these skills and to help us show what they can look like, we are joined by artist and educator, Kristen Palana, and Liana Felt, senior people operations manager at Forem.

Show Notes

Kristen Palana

Kristen Palana is an award-winning American/Portuguese multimedia artist and international educator based in Lilongwe, Malawi. More:

Liana Felt

Liana Felt is the Senior People Operations Manager at Forem.

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Ahmed Safaa

Lovee it, I'm suggesting this to all my friends and family members ❀

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Chirag Goyal

getting knowledge from voice note is so adorable and content is vey much knowledgeable.

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Amazing , I personally loved it and interested to hear more

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Thanks,It was a very interesting topic,I liked it.

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Maureen T'O

I'm going to love this one! Love DEVDiscuss ☺️