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We Need to Fix Anti-Harassment Tooling with Tracy Chou and Chloe Condon

Monday was International Women's Day and we've spent the past few days hearing the honest, inspiring, and at times, brutal stories of women who code with #SheCoded. That's why it feels fitting that week's episode of DevDiscuss features two women in software development who have lots of interesting and important things to say about online harassment.

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There's so much more I could say to preview this week’s episode of DevDiscuss, but the value really lies in our conversations about the future of anti-harassment with guests Tracy Chou (Founder & CEO of Block Party) and @chloecondon (Cloud Advocate at Microsoft). I hope you listen and enjoy it! Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

I also wanted to say that, here at DEV, nothing (and I mean nothing) is more important to us than ensuring that this community is safe and enjoyable for everyone. An integral part of this never-ending work is our community success team (shoutout our moderators, @michaeltharrington, @ellativity, @itscasey, and many others who help support this work on our team). If you're newer here and are curious about how we approach moderation on DEV, check out this guide:

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Ella (she/her/elle) • Edited

This was such a powerful and insightful episode. Thanks to the DevDiscuss team for the thoughtful questions and editing, and to the guests for sharing their vulnerability, and showing us all what resistance looks like 🙌