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Follow Friday: Ruby Edition (3 June 2022)

Happy Friday, friends! 🎉 Follow Friday is your weekly opportunity to shout out fellow DEV Community members doing awesome work. Check out the comments and follow someone new!

If you’ve been around a while, you might know that DEV is built with Ruby on Rails. So this week I'm wondering: who's your favorite DEV author writing about Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, or anything else in the Rubyverse?

Formatting tip: to populate a card with a follow button, use the liquid tag syntax {% embed https://... %} and insert the URL of your favorite author's profile.

Join in on the #FollowFriday fun by tagging your favorite Rubyist (and why you love their posts!) ⤵️

Top comments (7)

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Erin Bensinger

I’ve been looking forward to new installments from @ridhwana and @juliannatetreault ‘s series “Rediscovering Ruby” — check out the first post here:

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Ridhwana Khan

Thanks Erin! 🤍 We’ve been working hard on getting the next one ready and we should be releasing it early next week🎉

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Patrick Wendo

Me too!!!

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Sylwia Vargas

What a lovely discussion topic! Here are my picks:

whose blogs and talks are approachable in-depth explorations if different subjects and who is also a co-organizer of a community for women and non-binary Rubyists
who’s published a series of Ruby bite-sized posts
who’s funny and smart and often talks about the crossroads of Ruby and Torah
whose posts always being something new
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Ben Halpern

Shout out to @jaredcwhite, @n8chz, @aclarembeau, @sylwiavargas, @jeremyf as the top comments in my Pitch me on Ruby post

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Patrick Wendo

Definitely got to be

His page is a good mix of topics I would consider complex but eye opening to me and navigating the realities of being a rails developer and now manager.