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Follow Friday: Conferences Edition (6 January 2023)

Happy Friday, friends! πŸŽ‰ Follow Friday is your weekly opportunity to shout out fellow DEV Community members doing awesome work. Check out the comments and follow someone new!

Inspired by this week's Top 7 post on speaking at conferences when you're afraid of public speaking by @blackgirlbytes, this week we're talking about conferences!

Whether you attend them or not, conferences are a big part of tech career culture. Come for the networking and inspiring talks, stay for the swag and afterparties (or maybe the other way around? πŸ€”). There are no shortage of DEV community members with tips on how to give an amazing talk, or how to prepare for your first-ever conference experience.

Plus, I always enjoy reading conference recaps from folks on DEV to learn more about how different organizations get people together to learn and celebrate.

So, devs: who are your favorite DEV community members sharing about conferences?

Formatting tip: to populate a card with a follow button, use the liquid tag syntax {% embed https://... %} and insert the URL of your favorite author's profile.

Join in on the #FollowFriday fun by @mentioning your favorite author to follow on the topic of conferences (and letting us know why you love their posts!) ‡️

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michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington

I wanna give props to @andrewbrown who wrote on a particularly difficult subject in regards to inclusivity (or rather lack thereof) and conferences recently here:

Also worthy of mention, @bekahhw recently started up a discussion asking folks what conferences they're most excited for in 2023:

andrewbrown profile image
Andrew Brown πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

Thanks Michael!

integerman profile image
Matt Eland

Me! I'm sharing about CodeMash 2023 happening next week ( in Sandusky, Ohio. Also, the CFP for Stir Trek ( in Columbus, Ohio on May 5th opens in a few weeks, so watch out for that as well!

Full disclosure: I help the organizing team on both conferences.