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What is Django, and why you should use it 🐍

Daniel Diaz
Self-taught Python/Django Developer, Technical Writer, and long-life learner. I enjoy creating software from scratch and sharing knowledge with stunning technical articles.
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Django in 20 words (or less) πŸ˜…

Django is an open source and powerful web framework written in Python, that let you build web apps rapidly. πŸš€

Who is using Django?

Django is one of the most used backend web frameworks, with over 10 thousand developers who use it to build amazing software.

Companies using Django

Absolutely, Django is being used by a lot of companies, some of the most remarkable are:


Instagram was built originally with Django, nowadays they use custom backend written in Python, but they still use the core functionality of Django.



Disqus is the most popular comment plugin available, and it was built purely with Django.



Spotify don't use Django as it's main backend, but spotify team use it to connect diverse services like Machine learning functionality, (Which is made with Python 😁)



Some of the core functionality of Pinterest is made with Django, like sharing their boards or subscribing to users.


Best features

  1. It's a Python framework! Python is one of the most used (and most loved) programming languages, it allows you to code rapidly and that's why Django results so effective.
  2. Has a built in Authentication system Django has an excellent authentication system by default, also it is really secure and you don't need to install extra packages to build an application that requires it.
  3. It uses MVT pattern Django has the MVT pattern: Model, View, Template image

One of the main advantages of Django is that handles ALL the
database operations by itself, through the models, so you don't
have to know SQL.

Myths about Django

Node is better
There is not a framework that is better or worst. Node has its advantages, so has Django. The only thing that matters is what you are able to do with what you know.

Django is not escalable

Each time I hear that my head explodes 🀯. Some of the most escalable companies like Instagram, Pinterest, Disqus or Spotify has Django in their core so that is totally false.

What do you need to learn Django? πŸ€”

Although Django is a powerful web framework with batteries included, it could be also confusing if you don't have previous knowledge of the following concepts:

  1. Basic Python concepts:
    • Variables
    • String operations
    • Loops
    • Conditionals
    • Boolean expressions
    • Functions
    • Module imports
  2. Object oriented Programming: You don't need to master it, but at least understand the basics
    • Most important concept: Inheritance
  3. Some Frontend basics (Totally optional):
    • Basic Html
    • Basic Css
    • A little bit of Javascript (Even more optional)

Maybe in this moment you are feeling like this:


But don't get frustrated, programming isn't a sprint ⏱️, is a marathonπŸƒπŸ½β€β™‚οΈ, and you have to plan your study plans to achieve your goals.

You can get the basics of Python, in around a week or two, Basic Object oriented Programming in another week, and you can learn basic Html and Css on the road.

So πŸ™…β€β™‚οΈ 0 excuses, if you think Django is a right choice for you START RIGHT NOW!.

I'm thinking about making a Django series, comment below if you want it.

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Chittoji Murali Sree Krishna

well as much as i know Django comes with a better security, and its an python framework, bit easier to understand, and it is faster because it uses MVT(modelViewTemplate), but doesn't work that well with smaller apps that well.

and If You wanna start Django Tutorial, then i definately opt in

danidiaztech profile image
Daniel Diaz Author

Thanks for your comment, definitely all the information you provided is correct.πŸ˜€

aalphaindia profile image
Pawan Pawar

Good one!

danidiaztech profile image
Daniel Diaz Author

Thanks for the feedback 😊

danidiaztech profile image
Daniel Diaz Author • Edited

Let me know your thoughts!