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The Weekend Coder: What Are Your Favorite Coding-inspired (or Inspiring) Movies?

It’s the weekend! Time to relax, pursue some hobbies, maybe check out a new flick or a rewatch an old fave. Speaking of which…some of our favorite movies here at DEV are ones that feature coding, tech, or hackers. From classics like WarGames to newer releases like The Imitation Game, documentaries like Code 2600 and romances like Her ❤️😢, there's something for everyone.

So, what’s on your personal list of must-see movies for programmers and coders? Do you like the realistic portrayals or the more fantastical ones? Share your rec’s and let's talk movies!

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Maria Yudina
pulimoodan profile image
Akbar Ali

Basically, talking about tv series, these two are my favorites:

  • Silicon Valley
  • Mr. Robot
thomasbnt profile image
Thomas Bnt

Mr. Robot. Just a delicious serie ever.

moraym profile image
Moray Macdonald

Hackers is always my "computer movie" of choice! The computer sequences are questionable at best but all the 90s cyberpunk culture stuff is fantastic, referencing the Hacker Manifesto, phone freaking, social engineering attacks and more. Plus the soundtrack is a BANGER.

wesleywerner profile image
Wesley • Edited

Hackers (1995) is my first pick. The villains may be over the top, and the love aspect cheesy as heck, it is still the most fun and culturally rich flick.

For a more horror tone, catch Lawnmower Man (1992). While more about hacking into the brain using VR, this story co-written by Stephen King (oops, no it wasn't. Production tried to blend their screenplay with King's story, not much of the latter survived) and gives a different kind of rush.

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Dominique Desert

tv show: silicon valley
movie: the internship

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Russell Jones

Not must-see, but: One Point O

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Bence Eros

Code Rush (free documentary on YT):


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The Social Network