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Important Announcement: All Code Must Now Be Written in Pig Latin

It’s a somewhat of a tradition in the tech industry to use April Fools’ Day as an opportunity to showcase our unique sense of humor and creativity 🥸 Many companies have a history of playing elaborate pranks on their users and customers with fake product announcements, humorous updates to existing products, new features, and temporary changes to brand assets. Some of the jokes are funny, some are clever, some are…oof.

So tell us: do you have any successful (or failed) stories to share about past April Fools’ mischief that you’ve participated in, witnessed, or been on the receiving end of? Tell us about it.

Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to seeing your Pig Latin code in action!

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Jon Snow

It was announced today that Google acquired the Chat GPT 4 model 😁😁

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You captured the essence of a good April's Fools Day joke - it should not be TOO improbable!

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ben hultin

I don't see this being that improbable, Google has certainly acquired products/services in the past and one way to beat competition is to acquire them!

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leob profile image

That's what I said, it's not TOO improbable :)

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Vincent A. Cicirello

I was about to comment that we should collectively use the comments section of your post to create a new esoteric language Pig Latin. But it appears that there already exists a serious Pig Latin language.

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Anthony Fung

This wasn't for April fools, but it's funny so I thought I tell it anyway.

I used to sit in an office where I could see the QA team. There was this one QA engineer (let's call him 'Dave') that had a habit of not being at his desk very often. When Dave was away from his desk one day, someone from another team (let's call him 'Jim') decided to stick a small Post-It note to the bottom of Dave's mouse, covering the optical sensor.

Jim completely forgot about it until the next day, when Dave made a call to internal IT support to report that his mouse wasn't working. After IT did all the checks they found that the mouse sensor had been covered. Jim couldn't stop laughing throughout.

posandu profile image

I don't know if this was supposed to be a joke but, Google was showing the price of LKR as 236 instead of 336 for about 2 hours 😅

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Ali Sina Yousofi

I got my first $ as a developer.

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Frank Font

Aprilay Oolsfay Ayday!

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Alain D'Ettorre


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Yeah why not:

and then ChatGPT will turn it into Javascript :-D