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The Weekend Coder: Watercooler Discussion

Hey, coders! What are you working on this weekend?

Are you spending time on a personal project? Honing some new skills? Maybe you have a side gig, a collaboration with some other devs or a hackathon you’re excited about.

Or perhaps you’re getting some much needed R&R, engaging in a favorite hobby, trying out a new recipe, getting ready for a special night out...maybe curling up with a cuddly pet and a book or a movie.

Tell us what you’re up to! We’re always on the search for new ideas, so recommendations welcome, please!

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Ben Sinclair

Against my own recommendations to others, I'm working on work this weekend.

Sometimes, you know, you just get a few ideas while dozing in the morning and have to get up to work on them.

I've been working on migrating a client's site to a new platform, and in the process I've been moving a lot of the processing for the ecommerce stuff from the back end to the front, because they've gone from having a unified basket to just using one third-party API for everything.

It's kinda fun. I've been refactoring my initial draft, which is something we always want to do when it's much too late and the client won't pay for it. I mean, the client's not paying for it now but I'm enjoying myself and there's basically no deadline.

It's helping me learn a lot of ways to improve my Javascript.

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A month ago I started making this website for people to easily learn Latin, in Flask.
Then I realised that I should probably use a better and faster language so I started learning Next.js and React.
Now I’m creating the same website I made before, but now in Next.js

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Sarah Dye

I'm getting married in September so I'm not doing any coding on the weekends so I can focus on wedding planning and getting everything ready for September. Lately my fiance and I have been using the weekends to meet with vendors, but I'll be using the weekends to start dress shopping.

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Dan Bailey

I've been digging into Python some more, and connecting to the Todoist SyncAPI, in order to replace an IFTTT applet that I had built with something a little more elegant. Instead of a Twitter update every time I check an item off in Todoist, I'm grabbing my list of completed tasks from Todoist around 11pm local time, doing the datetime math, and then posting a single tweet that contains my list of completed tasks for the day. (It's part of a system of accountability I use in my ADHD-compensating productivity system.)

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Nicole Lillian Mark

I'm working on a personal data viusalization project in d3.js/Svelte.

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Diner Das

Doing a bit of ChatGPT stuff

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Troy Harris

I'm working on an upgraded version of my weather app in Sveltekit and Tailwind. I'm pretty excited to use Tailwind and continue learning Svelte!

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villenmarx • Edited

Are you spending time on a personal project?


Honing some new skills?


Maybe you have a side gig, a collaboration with some other devs or a hackathon you’re excited about.

yes, yes!

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Jonas Brømsø

Learning Go. Working on my side-project stevedore, perhaps a release and a blog post later this afternoon after a run.

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Jonas Brømsø

... And release and blog post are out in the open

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Olá pessoal.
Eu não sou desenvolvedor, estou iniciando no curso html, css e depois o js.
Ansioso para começar a trabalhar na área.
Deus continue abençoando a vocês.