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Cloud Developer Advocate @Microsoft, .Net Software Engineer, AI enthusiast, lifelong learner, geek, feminist, and really just want to do all of the things.

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Software Engineer/Cloud Advocate at Microsoft

From No Data to Computer Vision Machine Learning Model in 10 Minutes or less!

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6 min read

Get Started with Power Apps Component Framework (PCF)

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Make a Custom Pipe Desk Mount 📐💻

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Get Free 3D Models in MS Paint 3D then Add it to BabylonJS Project

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Test localhost on Oculus Quest with Remote Debugging in Firefox

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ONNX: No, it's not a Pokemon! Deploy your ONNX model with C# and Azure Functions

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Warm Up by the Fire with Bash (Fire Ascii Art)

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Easily add Anaconda Prompt to Windows Terminal to make life better

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🤖 Grab Your Wine. It's Time to Demystify ML and NLP 🍷

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Build a Web VR game with JavaScript using BabylonJS

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How to Get a Dataset and Create a ML Model to Classify Yoga Poses

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10 Steps to Get Started with Mixed Reality Development using Unity

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Nevertheless, Cassie Coded

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