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Warm Up by the Fire with Bash (Fire Ascii Art)

Burrrr, its cold outside! Lets add a fire theme to our terminal to warm up!

Alt Text

Prerequisites for Windows

Setup Steps

  1. Install libaa sudo apt-get install libaa-bin
  2. Test command aafire
  3. Add it to windows terminal:

Profile json to add it to terminal

        "acrylicOpacity" : 0.5,
        "closeOnExit" : true,
        "colorScheme" : "Fireplace",
        "commandline" : "wsl.exe -d Ubuntu aafire",
        "cursorColor" : "#FFFFFF",
        "cursorShape" : "bar",
        "fontFace" : "Consolas",
        "fontSize" : 20,
        "guid" : "{6f9994f0-4403-5e85-9eec-98e5da3839xx}",
        "historySize" : 9001,
        "icon" : "ms-appx:///ProfileIcons/{9acb9455-ca41-5af7-950f-6bca1bc972xx}.png",
        "backgroundImage" : "",
        "backgroundImageOpacity" : 0.75,
        "backgroundImageStrechMode" : "fill",
        "name" : "Ubuntu Fireplace",
        "padding" : "0, 0, 0, 0",
        "snapOnInput" : true,
        "startingDirectory" : "%USERPROFILE%",
        "useAcrylic" : false
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Theme fireplace json to give it fire colors

      "background": "#002B36",
      "black": "#073642",
      "blue": "#268BD2",
      "brightBlack": "#002B36",
      "brightBlue": "#839496",
      "brightCyan": "#93A1A1",
      "brightGreen": "#586E75",
      "brightPurple": "#6C71C4",
      "brightRed": "#CB4B16",
      "brightWhite": "#FFFF00",
      "brightYellow": "#657B83",
      "cyan": "#2AA198",
      "foreground": "#FF8000",
      "green": "#859900",
      "name": "Fireplace",
      "purple": "#D33682",
      "red": "#DC322F",
      "white": "#EEE8D5",
      "yellow": "#B58900"
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That's đŸ”„!

Now you can warm up by the terminal fireplace until summer returns. 😊

Discussion (3)

jdmg94 profile image
José Muñoz

How can I use this in mac? I installed aalib with hombrew but it doesn't looks animated on my zsh term

cassiebreviu profile image
Cassie Breviu Author

Not sure, I don't use mac. So it shows up but doesn't animate?

flrnd profile image
Florian Rand

Oh, aalib! I totally forgot about the BB demo.