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DP-900 Part 9


In this blog, we'll see Azure datalake Gen2 and will explore Azure files

Azure datalake Gen1 is a service for data storage in hierarchical manner for analytical data lakes used by big data analytical solution.

Azure data lake store Gen2

It is newer version, integrated into Azure storage, to take advantage of azure blob storage scalability.

Azure files

There is no hardware cost, maintenance overhead, high availability, scalability.
Can share up to 100TB data in single storage account.
Maximum file size is 1 TB and it can be changed.
It supports 2000 concurrent connections per file.

  • Standard tier
    uses hard disk based hardware in data center

  • Premium tier
    uses solid state disk, great throughput changes at high rate

It supports 2 network file sharing protocol :

  1. Server message block (SMB)
    Share files across multiple OS

  2. Network file system (NFS)
    Must have premium storage account
    used by linux and macOS version

Thanks for reading, will see azure tables in next blog...

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