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DP-900 Part 6


In this blog, we'll see Azure SQL services and capabilities

  1. SQL server on azure VM
  2. A virtual machine in Azure with SQL server installed
  3. Iaas

  4. Azure SQL managed instance

  5. PaaS

  6. automated updates, backups and maintenance tasks

  7. Azure SQL DB
    Fully managed highly scalable PaaS Database service

  8. Azure SQL Edge
    Optimized for IoT scenarios


SQL service compatibility - Fully compatible with on premise or VM
Architecture - Supports 1+ database
Availability - 99.99%
Management - Manage all server updates, configuration, tasks
Use case - Use this option when you need to migrate or extend an on-premises SQL Server solution and retain full control over all aspects of server and database configuration.


SQL service compatibility - 100% compatibility with SQL server
Architecture - 1+ database support, Instance pool used to share resources
Availability - 99.99%
Management - Fully automated updates, backups, and recovery.
Use case - Cloud migration scenarios


SQL service compatibility - Core DB level services, some feature may not be available
Architecture - Manage single DB server or use elastic pool
Availability - 99.95%
Management - Fully automated updates, backups, and recovery.
Use case - New cloud solution

Thanks for reading :)

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