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DP-900 Part 8

Hello! It's me again :D

We will see Azure Blob Storage in depth...

What is Blob, we have already seen in previous blogs.

But what is Azure Blog Storage ?

It enables us to store massive unstructured data as binary large objects or blobs in cloud.

Applications can read or write data using azure blob storage API.
We store blobs in a container, container groups related blobs.

  1. Block blobs
  2. Set of blocks handle this blob
  3. Block can have size upto 100mb
  4. Block blob can contain upto 50,000 block of maximum size 4.7 TB
  5. It is for storing large, discrete and binary object that do not change frequently.

  6. Page blob

  7. It is organized collection of fixed size 512-byte pages

  8. supports random read/write operations

  9. page blob can hold upto 8TB data

  10. used for virtual storage for Vms

  11. Append blob

  12. A block bob for append operations

  13. Updating and deleting existing blob is not allowed

  14. Each block occupies maximum 4 MB

  15. Maximum size of append blob is 195GB

Blob storage provides 3 tier

  1. Hot tier - It is default, used for blob which are accessed frequently

  2. Cool tier - It is for data accessed infrequently

  3. Archive tier - It charges less, it is for historical data which is used rarely.
    Data is available to us in hours while in hot and cool tier data is available in seconds or mili seconds.
    Blobs are stored in offline state.
    To read data from this tier, change it to hot or cool tier.
    A life cycle management policy can move from hot/cool to archive tier.

Thanks for reading <3

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