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Alvaro Montoro
Alvaro Montoro

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Divtober Day 7: Toxic

Divtober's word for day 7 is "toxic." So I drew a cartoon of a barrel with the toxic sign on it and a glowing substance inside and dripping outside:

This time, the demo has two elements: one is the cartoon in itself, and the other one is a link to a video showing how the cartoon was developed:

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Rob OLeary • Edited on

Impressive. How long did this actually take?

I havent looked at CSS houdini, but its interesting to see what types of things it can simplify.

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Alvaro Montoro Author • Edited on

Thanks! This cartoon took around 30 minutes.

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Really enjoy when you do the videos, helps a thicko like me understand how the elements come together! ❤

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Ok looks amazing! I want to try something like this, so many details