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Divtober Day 24: Smelly

The word of the day for divtober is "smelly." So here's a smelly trash can with boxes and bags around it:

Also, childish me did another demo yesterday for divtober #23 (loud) and #24 (smelly) together... it is tongue-in-cheek and inappropriate, and I'd recommend you check your speakers before you click on it ;)

It uses a single element (<audio>) and it plays the sound on click (I had to cheat a little and add some inline JavaScript code: onclick=""). The controls are hidden on desktop, although some browsers will display them (looking at Safari/Chrome on iOS). Also, it is animated on Chromium providing some movement on focus.

Without further ado, here is an inappropriate demo for divtober #23 and #24:

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Haha farting will never not be funny, at the end of the day we are all just big kids anyway!