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Divtober Day 31: Spooky

The final word for divtober is "Spooky." Today is Halloween, so it was an appropriate word... but I didn't quite get to do something that I wanted. So I ended up doing a bunch of small things trying to do something better. Here are some things I did.

An easy one was having the word spooky, replacing the O's with a skull and a ghost. Simple, but fun to do:

I also did a cute spooky ghost (I liked the pumpkins in the back so created a separate demo just with that background, it's easy to copy-paste and use it as a pattern):

As with other drawings this Divtober, there's a video of the process:

Finally (last one, I promise), I did a Frankenstein's Monster cartoon with a single div and CSS:

...and that's all for Divtober 2021. It was fun doing a drawing a day, and using a single div... but probably not something to do it for a while.

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grahamthedev profile image

Well done in finishing it all!

Some really impressive CSS art and animations throughout the month! ❤