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Explore Animation in SwiftUI & Flutter - Introduction

In this series, we will learn the many techniques and ways of translating your ideas for animation from the ground up. Animations are what really set apps apart from the crowd, because they are interactive, and make the app come alive. So first, let's answer some questions.

What is Animation?

  • Animation is the change of an object's state from one state to another over time.

Why do we need Animation?

  • We need it because it makes our app more lively and provides a better user experience too, we humans tend to interact better with a dynamic environment.

When do we use animation?

  • When we want to direct the user's eye to an important element on the screen.
  • We want to provide feedback that the action is in progress or that the operation was successfully performed.

🚫 DO NOT !!

  • Don't try to use too many animations, or else you risk turning them into a nuisance, So, choose them wisely.

Now we know why we need animations in our app. Tomorrow we'll start getting our hands dirty by making some animations and explaining some important stuff.

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