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Project - 11: IndexedDB. Storing data in browsers

This is the eleventh project in the Beginner to Advanced Challenge (#beginner2advanced) where it’s expected to build a simple database app.

The database management system used for the mock project is IndexedDB, which is a database management system built into modern browsers.

This is the end product of the project built:


What is IndexedDB

IndexedDB is a database built into modern browsers and it’s more powerful than LocalStorage.

The IndexedDB API is event-based and may be complex for simple use cases. There are many use wrappers you can use to simplify your experiences.

  • idb: A tiny library that mostly mirrors the IndexedDB API, but with small improvements that make a big difference to usability.
  • localForage: A Polyfill providing a simple name-value syntax for client-side data storage, which uses IndexedDB in the background, but falls back to WebSQL and then localStorage in browsers that don't support IndexedDB.
  • Dexie.js: A wrapper for IndexedDB that allows much faster code development via nice, simple syntax.

I made use of the event-based IndexedDB API without a wrapper and was finally able to understand the concept of version change and upgrading. This article proved helpful in understanding IndexedDB.

You can find the code I wrote here: which is a bit crude but I am open to your feedback and reviews. (Learn and help me learn).

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