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So The Journey Begins - My Startup Story

Hi friends πŸ‘‹πŸ½. It's been a while since I heard from you. I hope you are doing well and are doing great.

Since the last time I wrote here, there have been a lot of interesting things happening to me, both good and otherwise. I wish to write about them here, but that would defeat the purpose of this article.

Why Startups?

The reason I want to create startups is that owning a business has proven to have certain benefits such as financial gain and potential for growth. Moreover, some people exceed their peak capacity or creativity where there is no predictable path to follow.

Little disclaimer here: I am more focused on product development right now rather than other aspects that make up a business. I am going solo right now, but I hope to make some friends (with you) along the way to build awesome and useful products.

Which Startups?

Or rather, which products? Currently, I am interested in dev tools and utilities. Being a developer for over 4 years, I have created helpful tools or scripts to help me do my job faster, and I have occasionally contributed to such tools. I aim to build on this foundation.

What Plans?

I am new to this. My approach to this is to learn as it unfolds. Many of the products I will build may never be used by anybody, but I will make sure to learn, have fun, and document my experience.

Since I primarily write TypeScript, I found a tool called Redwood.js that helps you bootstrap your project so you can develop faster. I was part of their showcase event recently, and I love many of the products that are being built with it. Moreover, Redwood.js has a community of founders who are usually helpful, especially when you are just starting this journey or going solo.

What’s Next?

I started working on a project a month ago, and I look forward to shipping it and sharing it with you. It’s a tool that is guaranteed to help firms and individuals automate their content.

Will You Join Me?

I created a newsletter dedicated to documenting my experience, the experience of others, courses, opportunities, job openings, investment opportunities, and many more, and this journey continues.

Join me here!


I would love to hear about your experience building a business on the internet. What works and what didn’t?

What advice will you give a newbie like me?

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