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waybackmachine September 19'

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... because it's always fun to go back in time and remember how it was back then ...

All about agility this month :)

agile :: managing multiple-devices with Firefox Sync Accounts

When browsing through the internet, sometimes happens that you want to:

  • read a webpage, but not on that device (due to requiring a better resolution, commodity, privacy, not the moment,...)

  • need to share credentials

  • forgot the interesting webpage you checked on other device and want to show it to someone, ...

That's why I find Firefox "Sync Accounts" and more specifically, features such as Send Tab To paramount.

In my case, I have two accounts

  • Personal, which I share between my mobile Firefox, personal laptop Firefox, and desktop Firefox personal profile.

  • Work, which I share between my work laptop, and personal desktop Firefox work profile.

If I find an interesting link on your mobile Twitter app that needs some time for playing I just simply send it to my personal laptop.

If I want to share work-related credentials, bookmark and links between different devices? Just create a work account and keep it synced!

Edit 2019/11/06 - Switch Profile

In case you're using an specific profile in Firefox you will notice every new window you open will get you one of that specific profile.

Should you need to switch to other profile, easy as typing
about:profiles in a new tab URL and you'll get the chance of opening a new window of another choosed profile.

agile :: quick access to your Firefox bookmarks

If you're the kind of person that avoids taking the mouse as much as possible as I am you will love this Firefox feature.
When needing to access your most used bookmarks, you will like to have them tagged, so you can access them just typing its tag name in the browser bar.

Bookmark Tags are another of my favourite features of this browser.

+moar about this in waybackmachine::march 20'

agile :: Touchpad Gestures for Ubuntu

Never been much of a laptop person, but it's first I got one for work, and sincerely... after using it in a Windows environment, missed some gesture features on the touchpad for my personal Ubuntu laptop.

Wandering around, seems these two get missing features on! :)

The features I added are

  • Move from right/left workspace with three-finger right/left swipe
  • Get full workspace windows visible with four fingers up swipe

I Still miss a mouse for specific tasks but keep myself hooked on practising keybindings!

agile :: Combine multiple SO's displays seamlessly


If at some point you end up with different computers (laptop + desktop), you may want to share the keyboard and mouse on all of them without installing expensive KVM switches.

Synergy is a great tool that can help here.

It's true it still lacks the V part from Visualization but it's a cheap option to get there. Combined with a shared network folder, may do the trick.


BECAUSE we wanna make it easier for girls to see/hear each other's work so that we can share strategies and criticize-applaud each other.

From the Riot Grrrl Manifesto discovered from the Article Why don't we just call agile what it is: Feminist

Feminist Economy

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