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waybackmachine August '19

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... because it's always fun to go back in time and remember how it was back then ...

pet-project :: Playmoss playlist downloader

Yeah! Finally had my hands on some code in order to download my playlists from Playmoss :)

Python is not my first language, don't judge me...

a pic :: The league of heroic Software Developers

The league of heroic Software Developers

from League of heroic Software Developers. I would say I'm quite a shapeshifter mechanic but guess what my teammates say x)

remote-ergonomics :: SafeEye for an eye resting programme

Something that still happens me, both working at office or home, is that if I'm focused on something I tend not to make breaks, and this app has helped me to at least, exercise my SafeEyes

I'm still looking forward to something similar, but related to hand/leg/back exercises.

watch :: Silver Bullet Syndrom

adopt :: Java 11 Scripting

Although I'm starting to get my hands on python and would like to get more comfortable with bash scripting. Knowing that at some point I can use java11-Scripting is an interesting concept for devops tooling

The w00t? :: The Ikea Effect

While I was reading about How to break the monolith into microservices I got to this part

The labor of building, no matter how painful the process or imperfect the result, make us grow love for it. This is in fact known as the IKEA Effect.

takemymoney :: AirSelfie

The smallest, easiest, and most ejoyable aerial camera ever.

a game :: SuperHexagon

Monthly hook on this game called SuperHexagon (round 2€ in steam), it's like being on drugs :D
The mechanics is quite simple, just gonna zen your mind, see the shape, and the music will show you.... the crazyness; why lie.

If you enjoy live-time puzzles and precision-requiring repetitive-games to chill a bit, should try it!

monthly ear hook :: DDR Stardom Shuffle Songs

From the OST of DDR Stardom Shuffle

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