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waybackmachine March 20'

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... because it's always fun to go back in time and remember how it was back then ...

cli agile :: kubernetes deployments

I know I should use some kind of infrastructure-as-code tool, but for the moment I'm still learning and fiddling with YAML's.

One of the things I hate most is not having information on in which order configuration files should be executed when these are left in the config repository.

I just adopted a methodology of numbering them and issue solved.

$ ls -1
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Now, with the following command, I can even deploy everything in order

$ find . -name '*.yaml' -print0 | sort -zn | xargs -0 -I '{}' kubectl  apply -f {}
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neat, right?

concepts :: Julia Evans (flashcards)

I'm a huge fan of Julia Evans. Some friends of mine gave me her Linux ToolBox as a gift and like picking one of the books and playing in my computer for a while.

Linux ToolBox book
from @nostarch

She has very nice entries in her personal blog, plus her zines, ...

But now I want to share with you her latest Flashcard game for testing several domains such as DNS, Linux, Containers and more every day.

Linux flashcard example

agile :: firefox bookmark tagging

Already declared myself a fan of Firefox, mostly because of its ethics, but there are little things that make my daily use of the internet more agile.

Like many of you, I use bookmarks, but I barely access them through the panel, but just search them on the navigation bar, mostly using predefined TAG's

firefox tag system for agile access

edit: 2021.01
Some tricks to make it even more agile, changing the results on the fly

Add * to show only matches in your bookmarks.
Add + to show only matches in bookmarks you've tagged.

watch :: 10 Tips to decrease your velocity (12')

@Source, from J-Fall 2019: Talip Ozkeles

monthly ear hook :: Van Canto

Some epic programming music that you can pam-pam shareram-ram..., dada da daaaaan dada daaaan da da daaaa, hum! without people noticing you don't know the lyrics!

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