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2021, a year in images

This last year I've not been very active working on
2021 brought me a huge opportunity to work on a full-remote, English speaking company with a high level of technical base, where I can be mentored in new skills (Golang, TDD, Hexagonal Architecture) while putting my 15+ year knowledge into good use.

So, will skip to a brief annual content insight of 'favorite resources' and 'a year in images'

Some people show their vacation photos, why not show our work-time experiences with screenshots? :D

I've been collecting screenshots in my work-time for a while and I think they represent, in some way, the technology I worked with, and my technical career

  • tmate screen resolution hell

started pairing with my colleagues and having a two-screen setup vs. a huge screen can give them some pain when we're tmate-ing 😓 sorry! xD
tried to find ways of fixing this, but didn't find any solution for us... drop me a line if you got any suggestion

tmate does not resize well

  • tech people, we've never been good at selling stuff

git - the stupid content tracker

  • our robot thinks you're a robot!

this is happening more and more... getting into ridiculous situations

apps still think i'm a robot - soundcloud

  • Onedrive loop hell

hilarious situations when using OneDrive during my previous job.
onedrive loop hell 1
onedrive loop hell 2

  • non-transparent duck duck go results

still going for ducky as the first search engine options, but sometimes it gives funny results where i wonder why am i seeing those results 😕

duck duck go search result for zerolog plain text log

google search result for zerolog plain text log

to add some value, resolved how to do this during our daily mob session :)

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