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2023, a year in images

late and lazy, but still here :)

Github, Code Search and Code View

Best feature seen so far, quick to load (as opposed to using . to launch the visual studio we editor)
Thanks for all he fish OctoTree!

github  Code Search and Code View

Effective Meetings

please, try to aim for effective meetings; provide an agenda, provide a tl;dr for people that could not join, and leave the meeting with following action-items, if any

effective meeting comic

there are many resources online, but i always tend to end on this chart in order to understand if a meeting is required, made by attlasian

chart to know when to do a meeting

AoC (Advent of code)

I'm staring to be a huge fan of the Advent of Code challenge every beginning of December.
Everyday puzzle is a great excuse to talk to people of your company that probably you don't interact much otherwise.
And /r/adventofcode subreddit fan-arts and community is fun to follow.
I always entered after completing the daily challenge, otherwise it may be a huge spoil :D

I'm trying to put my new go language to use, but still a rookie; not that i advance much

my advent of code results 2023

advent of code meme

Event Storming

This video is pure gold material for having a lean company

merge people; slipt software

Always aim for health

... if you got your basic needs covered :)

comic on mental health is more important than money

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