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2022, a year in images

Another year without posting anything, cannot skip though the annual content insight of 'favorite resources' and 'a year in images'

Some people show their vacation photos, why not show our work-time experiences with screenshots? :D

I've been collecting screenshots in my work-time for a while and I think they represent, in some way, the technology I worked with, and my technical career

security be like

2FA, SMS, emails... how many clicks do you need to enter certain platforms?

slack reactions, we have to set limits somewhere

didn't knew slack emoji reactions had a limit... until we hit it.

lots of slack reactions
slack emoji reaction reached

and now we're talking slack,

  • don't be that person, don't use @here unless really needed
  • avoid DMs and private channels when possible, in order to embrace open communication with the rest of the company members
  • if going through DM, don't be a hello person.

love that it keeps your favorite/most-used emojis

most used emojis

carbon print

pretty sure it's just a trend... still, i'm happy to see that carbon footprint it's being show transparently

mynoise app cabon footprint compensation
mynoise carbon footprint

also on aws console

aws console carbon footprint

current visitors

it's in Spanish, but guess you get the idea of how aggressive e-commerce can be just to add some pressure on current visitors... sometimes it smells so bad that code will not surprise you
webpage making up number of visitors randomly

ci checking

be humble with your CI checks; strict with required, flexible with optionals

github commits not doing ok with continous integration checks


finally, two years it took for several tools to start autocorrecting and letting us go on!

git commit autocorrection


remote workers daily life; guess this will be it until internet connections get more stable

zoom meetings are just modern seances

!! sudo

sudo authentication failed on github

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