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Putting my Pimoroni Ubercorn and IKEA Frame together

IKEA has been running out of stock on the 23"x23" RIBBA picture frame for quite awhile now, and I think they are not re-stocking them (I might be wrong, these are popular frames).

Alt Text

So I took one of my existing ones at home.

Alt Text

Placed the 3D printed parts (Thanks, @MickTwomey for printing it out in nice black.

I used A4 sheet and cut to size and a bit of sticky tape to stick the frame just inside of the glass and before the 3D printed part.

Alt Text

Measured up the sections to cut out, yes, I did use a ruler. Was thinking of 👀-balling it but I am hearing virtual tut-tuts from Mick, and the "Measure twice, cut once" whispering in the back of mind. 😝

Alt Text

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