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My highlights of 2021

I always loved Adam Savage's Tested Fav things of the year (check out their 2021 vids), and I really wanted to create my fave Maker things of 2021 last year, got the script written but never gotten around to make it. So this may not be a video about it, but here's a run down of things I liked, done, achieved, and plans for 2022.

Compared to 2020, I certainly have been much busier (less feeling like a headless chicken). It felt like a lifetime when I looked back over my own diaries and photos, but yet here we are, a week from Christmas!

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If you are curious, here's a quick overview of some of the things I picked out that happened to me this year, and things with covid hasn't really settled down, but life goes one.

netlify 2020 for Vicky
From my 2 small projects, it was pretty cute seeing these stats.

Speaking of, these projects were:-

  • Site for curating diversity in tech groups and local tech events, conferences around Ireland and Northern Ireland. Soft-launched Feb 2021 -
    • Scratching an itch to streamline my curation which is very much manually done on a near daily basis for listings and monthly for my newsletter. So getting back time was a huge success and plus people can help contribute!
  • Re-vamping Coding Grace website:
    • It's been on my bucket list for a revamp, moved away from Django to a statically generated site with 11ty, mainly because I wanted to do another 11ty project.

They were both created with 11ty, TailwindCSS and deployed via.. you guessed it, netlify.

Still an Animal Crossing fan

More so for that ASMR chilled vibe and the new Happy Home Paradise DLC really opened up more fun in the game.

Nintendo switch highlights for Vicky

As you can see from the highlight from Nintendo - I rarely play games on the Switch and when I do, it's predominantly ACNH.

Top things I liked in 2021

Seeing Testing showing their fav things of 2021, here's some of mine.

My streaming setup up

One wee new shiney thing to replace my previous audio interface and mixer, it's an SSL 2+ and super simple to set up and we can have 2 outputs for headphones now! No sharing of my airpods with Mick when group conferences with friends.


Previous setup with audio interface and mixer


SSL2 addition to replace previous audio interface and mixer

I wrote a separate post to keep track of it in my streaming setup series, check it out if you want to read more of my previous setups and links to what I'm using/used:

I'm still loving the Elgato Streamdeck along with the Black Magic Design Atem Mini. Former because I use OBS a lot and also WFH, it's setup to turn my key and fill lights (Elgato also) on and off. And the latter, able to switch to my Switch and record the anticipated (for me anyway) music festival on the beach.

But I will also use this for different camera outputs for workshops and tutorials (aiming to create more vids - watch this space!)

Bi Visibility: A Bisexual Anthology

Something a bit more personal for me, and I'm so happy to have backed Bi Visibility: A Bisexual Anthology Kickstarter. It's sitting proudly on my shelves beside me in the office.

Bi-Visibility KS

How to THINK when you DRAW BOOK 4

How to THINK when you DRAW volumes

I've been a backer for How to THINK when you DRAW volumes via Kickstarter and the latest one is How to THINK when you DRAW BOOK 4. Great reference books, you can find there tips online for free, I use to print out ones I liked but since their first nicely bounded volume, I couldn't resist to get their next ones. I love art and drawing and really appreciate so many free resources online. Check them out for their daily tips on Twitter.

Other Gadgets of note

iPhone 13 Pro Max

Besides doing almost everything on my phone when I'm not near a laptop or computer, the video and camera improvements over my last phone (iPhone xr) is incredible. Whenever I start attending tech events, it will be used a lot! I'm still learning to take good b-roll footage though.

AirPods Pro

I was wary of these, but when I tried them it just picks up my audio from my phone, iPad, computer, which is handy. And I really liked the atmos support on it. And I keep forgetting I can take calls with it, I was so use to my headphones at my desk.

insta360 go 2

A wee camera that I bought straight away after I saw the announcement, and I haven't used it enough. Looking forward to using this dinky camera (although short battery life of 30 mins) when I start going out and about more in 2022 (whenever it gets safer to do so).

Rode Go 2 Wireless (mic)

If it wasn't for work looking to put together an organisers/creators kit, Mick and I wouldn't have jumped down a rabbit hole (well, mostly him) and found this product. And when we received it, we tried it out of the box and it just works! No installs of anything... I haven't been outside or have any projects or events to try it out. So I'm looking forward to it because the sound quality and range is pretty good! Price isn't too bad either.

Things I've achieved

Dublin Maker

Wrapped up as Dublin Maker Advocate - I had so much to do, and plans that were (like rest of the world) sidelined by Covid-19. We were able to run the very first Dublin Maker Festival online with Gather Town.

3 hours of live production, co-hosting (never mind the weeks prepping for the virtual event and live-streams), I learnt so much. Check out their Youtube Playlists for videos from Dublin Maker 2021 and others I produced in the 2 years I was with them. BTW, they are back July 2022 in Merrion Square, Dublin. See for details.

Made not 1 but 2 websites (an achievement given this was on my TODO list for years πŸ˜…)

Created the aforementioned 2 websites with 11ty & Tailwindcss, so learnt new tech (yay): a brand new Irish events listings I hand-curate (people can submit PRs to contribute as well) as well as diversity in tech group listings around Ireland. And the 2nd one is revamped Coding Grace website.

New job

Started a new part-time job as "Community Lead aka Resident Tech Mystic πŸ¦„) at working with & reaching out to tech community groups!

dancing gif

So I still have time to work on my volunteer stuff (PyLadies Dublin, Coding Grace, Women Who Code Dublin, WITS Ireland.

Sewed another blanket

Super happy with this one.

blanket for my mom

It's my 3rd blanket, and this one was much harder to complete. I nearly gave up at one point due to all the patterns from fabric crumbs I was making them from, and nothing clicked. πŸ˜“ With support and encouragement from my other half, I finally got this Birthday/Christmas present done for my mom.

Partying Hailee Steinfeld GIF

PyLadies Dublin still going strong

It has been a rough 2 years for tech events, Irish ones in particular, and with support from my co-organisers, Lei and Mick, we were able to run regular events this year for PyLadies Dublin. You'll find videos of the talks from 2021 (and 2020) via PyLadies Dublin's Youtube playlist. I've also posted videos here on, check out

PyLadies Dublin looking for speakers for 2022

Incidentally are looking for speakers for 2022, there's a CFP if you have a lightning talk, demo, and it can be something really exciting to share with other PyLadies. Or email

Biggest Surprise this year

<3 to the Python community

This was so unexpected, this year I was informed about

In my eyes, these are very prestigious, especially considering how big the Python community is now in 2021, I really didn't expect to be picked for either.

My journey running events and being so involved with the tech community was mainly all the warmth and support from the Python community from when I attended Python Ireland's first meetup back in late 2004.

I've wrote about why community is important (especially in the tech industry):

I really can't thank the community enough, I wouldn't be where I am today, and I will, with all my heart and as much as possible, continue to pay it forward to help others to opportunities that helped me.

I'm grateful for...

  • support from many of tech community groups with my call to actions
  • my friends who are there lending a listening ear when I feel crap
  • never-ending support from my husband, mick (which includes fire fighting when things go wrong with events, shiney presents, made dinner when I don’t feel like it, or when I'm down)

The future...?

So many craft projects (paintings, lino printing, sewing) to complete -- never mind new ones that keep popping into my head.

Blender 3.0

Learn Blender (3.0 is out), and even following the popular donut tutorial on youtube. This guy has a playlist of all the eps to create the donut in Blender 3.0.

Any finally get around to create my own 3D models and 3D print them out.

Coding Grace

Myself and the team are busy with our 1st workshop, it's aimed at non-tech founders giving them 101 on tech so they can be more informed when it comes to talking about tech, approaching potential CTOs, and so on. Hearing stories of non-tech (especially non-male) founders get taken advantage of as they are lacking in foundational tech knowledge, it is something Coding Grace can try and help with our industry expertise and amazing advisors.

Aside from the workshop, I hope to make more tutorials (still need to finish the Raspberry Pi Pico with Mick).

Digital and Physical Art

I mentioned I liked art, and have been on and off drawing in physical media as well as digital. I use Procreate on iPad and follow lots of great tutorials online learning tips and tricks.

Thanks for getting this far!

Hailee Steinfeld Hug GIF
So thank you for reading this far into the post. Of course there's plenty of things I left out on what I did this year, and what I want to do.

All I want is to wish everyone Season's Greetings and a Happy & Healthy New Year.

Stay safe, and catch ya all on the flip side... 2022 will be amazing, and it will get better!

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