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HTML5 and the myth of the markups language

Have you ever googled something, no matter what it is, a recipe, a meme or even a school assignment, and prayed that the answer would show up on a web page? I have too, and that's why on more than one occasion I've wondered how it worked that got me out of troubles.
And that's the reason for this course, to explain from the basics to the most advanced HTML and how websites are organized, how to give them color with CSS3 and life with JavaScript.

Okay! to start with this:

WHAT IS HTML and WHAT DOES IT DO? (you can ask me or not...)

HTML stands for (hypertext markup language) that although many call it "programming language" should insist to stop considering it as such, because it is something even more magical is a "markup language" because it organizes how a document will be, what elements compose it, in short it is like making a Word document for the Internet.


As I have said so far, HTML is a markup language and not a scripting language, but what does this mean? It means that it is enclosed between tags (angle brackets), so it would look like this a :

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However this is not always the case, there are tags that do not need the enclosing tag, for example :

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But that's not all... we can... add... ATTRIBUTES! YES! just as you read ATTRIBUTES! but what are they? they are like "upgrades" of the tags that allow them to get superpowers to improve their capabilities.

<tag attribute="value">content</tag>.
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It seems interesting, doesn't it? Well, don't worry, in the next posts I'll be telling you a little more so you won't be left wanting. See you in the next one ! and remember to do what you love every day.

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