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I build software. Follow me on Twitter if you want to hear my ramblings! https://twitter.com/tylerlwsmith

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BA in Communications Emphasis in Public Relations


Software Engineer

Hating jQuery doesn't make you cool

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3 min read

Exiting Node.js when programmatically using "Concurrently" to run multiple scripts

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Getting the Community SegmentedControl to Work on iOS in Expo SDK 37

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What to Consider When Picking a New Programming Language

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No, you don't need to learn the language before you learn a framework

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How to Open a CodeSandbox Project Without a Browser Preview

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Fuchsia and the Server: Why I'm Betting on Linux

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Casting integers to floats for float division in Hugo

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How to get React Router 4 to allow nested components inside of a Switch

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How to implement a working checkbox component in Formik 1.5.8

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Getting Ubuntu Linux Installed on an HP ProBook x360 11

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My Impressions of Hugo as a WordPress Developer

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Simplifying WordPress's functions.php with OOP: Part 2

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6 min read

Simplifying WordPress's functions.php with OOP

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