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tsParticles 2.4.0 Released

tsParticles 2.4.0 Changelog

New Features

  • Added reset method to updaters, this method will be called after a particle loses a life.
  • Created the motion plugin for handling motion sickness, I moved this feature from the engine to a plugin since I prefer to have it more customizable. Everyone now can create their own motion sickness plugin, instead of having a standard behavior for everyone
  • Added mutation observer to avoid style changes to the canvas when the fullScreen option is enabled (default behavior)
  • Moved all easing functions to plugin packages, slim now depends on easing-quad since it's the default value used in repulse and attract
  • Added support for multiline text in canvas mask text options, separator and spacing are customizable values
  • Added aria-hidden="true" to canvas element, fixes #4785
  • Removed all canvas context save/restore calls, this should be a huge improvement to general performances
  • Added the particles pool for reusing destroyed particles, every tsParticles instance will have its own pool
  • Changed collision absorb code, added absorb.speed option to collisions section
  • Added delay to root options, fixes #4766

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed infection plugin
  • Fixed issue with polygon mask when particles bounce on the polygon edges
  • Fixed issue with rgb(), hsl() and hsv() values in color option values

Other Changes

  • Refactored plugins to avoid passing options in init functions since it's no more necessary
  • Removed initAsync function from plugins, standard init is now async for all plugins
  • Removed polygon mask plugin from the tsparticles package, this is a breaking change only for those that are using it. Since it's a heavy plugin and not so much used, I have preferred removing it from the tsparticles package.
  • Changed tsconfig target from es6 to es2019 (less transpilation to a reasonable target). The compatibility is still very high, reducing the bundle size.


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