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tsParticles 3.1.0 Released

tsParticles 3.1.0 Changelog

New Features

  • Added poisson disc plugin for better particles initial positions
  • Improved sounds plugin, added some public methods for managing the volume
  • Added new options for sounds plugin, autoPlay (true by default) and icons.enable (false by default, if true volume icons will be visible) (affects all fireworks presets and bundles)
  • Added new zig-zag path plugin

Minor Changes

  • Refactor for reducing duplicated animations functions across some plugins

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed sounds in fireworks bundle
  • Improved support for element id (3.0.3)
  • Fixed memory allocation of emoji shape (3.0.3)

Note on Sounds Auto Play

The new autoPlay options on sounds plugin will start playing sounds when a user clicks on the window enabling the AudioContext class. This is a security feature that all major browsers have, you can't autoplay sounds if the user hasn't interacted with the website.
The pointerdown/touchstart handlers are added when the sounds plugin is loaded using loadSoundsPlugin, so the user needs to interact with your page after that function is completed, previous clicks are not handled.


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