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tsParticles 2.10.0 Released

tsParticles 2.10.0 Changelog

New Features

  • Added max speed value to collisions options
  • Added range values to spiral shape options, added widthFactor value
  • Added new arrow shape
  • Added new cog shape
  • Added mode to more coordinates options
  • Added error prefix to standardize error messages
  • Added image preload and name to shape options. Preload an image with a name, so it can be retrieved using only that in the options.
  • Added compatibility with another old particles.js library (deprecated but some samples can be found around)
  • Added new path plugin, using svg paths as a source
  • Added delta to path generators
  • Added delay options to particles values animations (opacity, size, color, stroke), closes #4985

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed typo in fireworks bundle exported types
  • Fixed presets without particles count
  • Improved container reset
  • Fixed window resize fired during the initialization
  • Improved spiral shape
  • Fixed ICoordinates types
  • Fixed some load functions that weren't async
  • Fixed some shapes particle init

Other Changes



Probably this will be one of the latest v2.x versions, except some bug fixes needed before v3.0 will be released.

You can read more about the upcoming v3.0 in the post linked below


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