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How did it all begin? My interest in gaming started when I was approximately 10 years old, when I would play free online games. Much has happened since then, but being an adult has helped me properly appreciate the fantastic games that first drew me in. Daria considers the five most impactful video games in her life.

Fireboy and Watergirl

Fireboy and Watergirl is a cooperative platformer game in which you must collaborate with your partner to complete a level. I used to play this game with a buddy, bragging about my ability to utilize the WASD keys perfectly. The series has many installments that take place in various locations and obstacles, including as a forest, during winter, and in a desert. I like this game since it was all about chaotic teamwork, and the levels' flexibility made it easy to revisit. My companion and I would race to get the greatest time and the gleaming diamonds.

The Perfect Cocktail

Unsuitable for a ten-year-old? Definitely. A plethora of enjoyment? 100%. Bartender The Right Mix is a game about crafting awful concoctions and mixing cocktails. The game was so addicting due to all of the thrilling endings, which varied from poisoning the bartender to a full-fledged explosion. The Right Mix bartender has undoubtedly turned me into the cocktail expert that I am today.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

GTA: San Andreas was my first game on a system, the classic PS2. I was around eleven years old at the time, and I played the game with my younger relatives. We'd jot down cheat codes on scrap paper, yelling at each other if we got the sequence incorrect. I just played GTA: San Andreas to fly about in the jetpack and kill a few people, so I didn't get the complete GTA experience. Returning to GTA: San Andreas as a young adult has helped me appreciate the game's plot, voice acting, and originality.

The Sims Franchise

The Sims series fueled my gaming love, and without it, I doubt I'd be writing this piece. And I can't get enough of The Sims. Why? Because The Sims is perhaps the most innovative simulation game, providing players with complete flexibility and creativity that no other game provides.

Every one of Papa's Games

The Papa games are well-known. My favorite games in the series were Papa's Wingeria, Pizzeria, and Freezeria, and this game was simply fantastic. I enjoyed meeting all of the eccentric folks and remembering their reminiscence lunches. Mama, are you cooking? We've never met her.

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