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Terminate the Timeworn Terminals

Table of Contents

  1. Textualize
  3. eDEX UI
  4. 15+ Must Have Command Line Tools


fit autocomplete

Fig adds autocompletion to your existing terminal, allowing you to increase your productivity during your workflow as a developer. Incredible! Fig integrates with various tools you already use such as VSCode, Jet Brains, Terminal, iTerm, Hyper, Tabby, bash, zsh, and much more.

Autocompletes for cd, git, docker, npm, yarn, brew, aws, google cloud, and hundreds more! Not only that, completions are being added on DAILY! It is built for keyboard first, built for speed, for individuals and teams, for local, and for private.

You are also able to build your own using TypeScript. Fig is completely open source and you can learn more here.

Note for Installation:


  • Homebrew: brew install --cask fig
  • DMG: Download from our website:


Follow their Twitter and/or join their Discord.



Textual is a TUI (Text User Interface) framework for Python inspired by modern web development. Currently a Work in Progress.

Textual currently runs on MacOS / Linux / Windows.

Textualize uses widgets in order to add functionality to the terminal. It will come with a library of widgets, but developers will also be able to create their own customized widgets to fit their own needs. The code for that looks like this right now:

from rich.panel import Panel

from import App
from textual.reactive import Reactive
from textual.widget import Widget

class Hover(Widget):

    mouse_over = Reactive(False)

    def render(self) -> Panel:
        return Panel("Hello [b]World[/b]", style=("on red" if self.mouse_over else ""))

    def on_enter(self) -> None:
        self.mouse_over = True

    def on_leave(self) -> None:
        self.mouse_over = False

class HoverApp(App):
    """Demonstrates custom widgets"""

    async def on_mount(self) -> None:
        hovers = (Hover() for _ in range(10))
        await self.view.dock(*hovers, edge="top")"textual.log")
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There is a section in the Textualize GitHub for Developer Video Log that will have documentation for new features and milestones in video format, if you are interested. As of May 5, 2022, it has 8 video updates from basic scrolling and keyboard toggle to new layout API and tree control and scroll views.

You're able to follow @willmcgugan for progress updates on Twitter.

Check their GitHub here


Want the movie-feel of a terminal? Check out eDEX UI - you will definitely have your friends amazed! And the sound affects are absolutely satisfying to say the least. I hope they stay that way even after a long time of use.

edex ui

For step-by-step guidelines on how to install eDEX-UI, click here or check their GitHub

15+ Must Have Command Line Tools

Not only is it important to have a great terminal emulator, but it must have all the functionalities you need to improve the quality of work you output.

  1. Surge is for publishing static web pages without leaving the command line
  2. strip-css-comments-cli is exactly as it sounds and removes all your comments on your CSS files
  3. HTTPie is a kind of like having a browser in the command line
  4. Moro keeps track of your workflow and creates detailed reports
  5. Timetrap helps freelancers with their timetables
  6. Autojump lets you navigate through your filesystem faster
  7. TLDR summarizes man pages
  8. ngork provides a public URL for your locally running server in order to demo your projects to your clients
  9. Broot gives you a tree view of your directories for a better visualization
  10. Fuzzy Finder lets you filter options down based on a fuzzy keyword to match
  11. vtop displays info about processes your system has running, general info about the memory and CPU usage of your machine
  12. trash-cli puts items inside your system's trash instead of wiping it completely from existence
  13. speed-test lets you see how fast your internet is
  14. wikit wiki summaries from the command line
  15. NNN is a full-featured terminal file manager
  16. exa replaces the LS command
  17. fd is an easy-to-use search tool to replace find
  18. The Fuck is...well, magic

Happy coding!

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